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Just Be Careful...

We just want to thread on the path of caution...

We know and acknowledge the fact that Peeng is a public service and inasmuch as we hope for best practices and usage, we are helpless as to how our service is used. We have tried putting in place possible safe and secure measures for best experience.

Below are some disclaimers over the use of our service;

  • We are not responsible for how our service is being used by the outside world. We only provide a platform to make your web experience simpler.
  • Please we frown at link creation abuse by intentionally creating links of the exactly the same kind endlessly by the same user.
  • Whatever links are being created by our platform and visited via our platform are solely the responsibility of the user.

Link Branding

Branded/Custom links give you and your business an added advantage against conventional short links as your brand stands out among the crowd.

Accurate Analytics

Your link analytics data can never be more accurate than what we offer. You get a rich set of data about all you links and how well your link is performing!

Instant Sharing

Create your short links, Share them immediately! Share your links to major social networks on the go!


With our rich set of plugins/API, we've got you covered on WordPress, Blogger, etc. Get it on your site and shorten your links directly from there!