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About Us

We are dedicated towards making your life simpler. It starts from the web, It starts from here.

We optimize the link so marketers can own their customer experience.

Peeng was born in the year 2018 with a mission to make life simpler for everyone on the web starting from the point where it all happens; Links!

We are committed to optimizing your web link, making them rememberable and highly shareable with just a click thereby making you moren focused on other parts of business your care most. We inspire people to better understand the world around them.

Save this space and expect more about us coming soon...

Link Branding

Branded/Custom links give you and your business an added advantage against conventional short links as your brand stands out among the crowd.

Accurate Analytics

Your link analytics data can never be more accurate than what we offer. You get a rich set of data about all you links and how well your link is performing!

Instant Sharing

Create your short links, Share them immediately! Share your links to major social networks on the go!


With our rich set of plugins/API, we've got you covered on WordPress, Blogger, etc. Get it on your site and shorten your links directly from there!